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The UX Operating System: How to build $1M+ products.

Tom Garcy
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How to build User Experience of $1M+ products

Ultimate step-by-step process I crafted with 15+ years of experience you can use over and over again.

I'm usually offering this process for $1000k+.

This is not some free short version. It's the original full version I used to sell.

Now, it's FOR FREE.

Skip years of learning and figuring things out.

Become a real-deal self-confident product owner, and build your own UX system.

Hire UX designers based on that.

How do I charge $10k, $20k, or even $30k+ for a project?

Because I have a system. I know what I'm offering. And I follow it every single time.

Because it works.

Take the process I crafted after 15+ years of experience and the one I follow every time I build – a website, an app, a brand, or a startup. 🔥

This is the only UX system you'd ever need. The only process you need to follow.

It's a straightforward simple guide to creating or redesigning any product.

Don’t believe in overthinking and months-long analysis to make a decision.

Now I share the whole client-proven process, I was fine-tuning for years on 250+ digital products, with you.

Use it forever.

What's the Operating System about:

  • ✅ Learn the only product UX process and system you'd ever need, fast
  • ✅ Built with 15+ years of experience on 250+ digital products
  • ✅ Skip years of learning and figuring things out
  • ✅ Learn to deliver more than was expected
  • ✅ Make products people would fall in love, effortless
  • ✅ Your cheat sheet to deliver results 100%
  • ✅ Be confident and happy about your product owner job
  • ✅ Use it as an HR UX-candidate checklist.
  • ✅ $1000k+ value

What's included:

  1. What's the magical process in 60 pages
    1. Current status, Purpose, Goals, and how to track the success
    2. How to deal with Data easily
    3. How to set up Architecture, Model Users, Features, Pains & Gains
    4. How to create an MVP and Project Phases
    5. What is Screenflow and a massive chapter on Storytelling
    6. How to Wireframe and Prototype
    7. How to Test quickly
    8. Why it all matters
  2. Checklists to follow never to make a mistake again
  3. Easy-to-understand descriptions, charts, and examples

What people say:

About the Author

Tom Garcy, a seasoned visionary designer with 15+ years of experience, excels at connecting the dots and tackling challenges in extraordinary ways. He has collaborated with clients worldwide, building a diverse portfolio spanning product design, user experience, design consulting, and even entrepreneurship with his startup Kyugo.

Driven by a genuine pursuit of excellence, Tom embraces the transformative power of his craft. His remarkable ability to innovate and infuse ingenuity into his work results in solutions that surpass expectations. With dedication and expertise, he invites you to entrust him with your vision, unlocking a universe of possibilities.

Throughout his career, Tom has made significant contributions to numerous brands and crafted 250+ digital products. His modest nature is always seeking fresh challenges to further showcase his creative prowess.

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The only book about UX you'd ever need in a beautifully crafted PDF format.

60 pages
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The UX Operating System: How to build $1M+ products.

13 ratings
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